Digital Story Telling

Reflective Report

For BCM240 subject, our task for assessment 3 is about Digital Story Telling. The purpose of the project is to get audience to think about how media practices and audience experiences are spatial in nature. I work in a group of 2 for this project. After few meeting with my colleague, we decide the topic on Mobile Addiction. We decided to have video shooting for our project. First, we came out with our storyboard. Our storyline is a reflection on what we did for our daily lifestyle. It project how we use mobile phone and social media in our daily activity. Besides, we also want to show how people addicted with using our mobile phone and the message could set as an alert. Next, we discuss about equipment that we need for our video shooting session. Due to our topic is mobile addiction, we decided to use our iPhone for shooting. Furthermore, we also include infographic, data and statistic on mobile phone addiction and demographic of mobile addiction in our project. One of the main reason we choose mobile addiction as our topic is because we realize that people are taking over by their phone. The smart phone was created to make our life but at the same time it takes over the time that we really spend with people around us. In additional, the use of social media has created huge impact in today world. Majority of us own a smart phone and is so easy for us access to social media. We started to neglect people around us because everyone is busy with their own phone and live in our ‘own’ world. We communicate with others through texting or social networking and without having a real conversation with others. Is easy for us to found people are anti-social in a gathering because they are busy with their phone.

For our Digital Story Telling project, we will focus more on mobile addiction and also discuss about social media addiction. The main message that we want to send out is how generation nowadays addicted with their phone. It seems like they can’t live without their phone. They feel lost when their phone is not beside them. We choose to use humour appeal for our video. We wanted to inform people yet entertain them. We believe that humour appeal could attract more viewership because our audience more to younger generation. Research show that younger generation has higher percentage involve in mobile addiction. Younger generation would likely to accept humour appeal compare to wordy information. The way we deliver the message is actually a reflection on how we use mobile phone in our real life. We trying to bring that in-front of the screen so that our audience feel familiar while watching our video and relate to their own life. We want our audience to realize that they are part of the people who involve in the story. We hope that our video set as an alert to remind them about stop phubbing and don’t let mobile phone take over their life.

We used Windows Movie Maker for video editing. Windows Movie Maker might be the easy software for a beginner to done the video editing. We can play around with the tools that are available from the software. Finally, we are success in making our own video and the result is satisfied. Besides, we use Audacity for voice over. Our lecturer – Mr Faizal helps us a lot for the voice over part. He provides us equipment that needed for voice recording, help us record and editing. I would like to thanks my lecturer for lend us a helping hand for our Digital Story Telling project. The copyright and ethical issue is the most troublesome problem that we face for this project. I found out that is difficult for us to look a legal music that we could use for our video. Most of the songs require us to purchase the license to use. Our lecturer provides us a website that we can search for any creative works and legally to use in our video –  Through Creative Commons, we able to find the song that needed for our video and legally use that as our background music. We also get statistic of mobile addiction from different kind of sources and credit the sources.

For this project, we work in pair and I would say that we have a great moment when working together. We work together in every progress and able to finish the project on time. We voice out our opinions and ideas and discuss on how to make the project successful. We will have agreement on both sides before making any decisions to show that we respect each other. Overall it was great, we don’t have argument when doing the project but we had a lot of fun when doing that. I would say that we achieve great teamwork.

In conclusion, Digital Story Telling project help me to gain new kind of experience especially in copyright / ethical issue and software for editing. I realized that everything has it copyright and we can’t simply take that as granted. Everything needs to be clarified and have the permit to use other people work. In additional, I have the chances to learn new skill on video and audio editing. Previously I have never exposed to that software before but now I’m able to make some simple editing. In a nutshell, BCM 240 helps me understand audience. There are different kinds of audience, each of them are unique and have their own speciality. We couldn’t categorize all of them into one category due to there are more different category of audience. Besides, the space also influences people behaviour of using media. For today’s society, I kind of agree that people use media in public space but in privately. We are the one who understand how we use on media and what we do although people might know that we are using that but they don’t know the content. Through BCM 240, I started to observe people behaviour on how they use media and analyse how audience, media and place are interrelated.


Reflective Report

For BCM240 subject, we are requiring to write a blog related to weekly topic. I don’t have any experience on blogging before so I found is quite difficult for me at first. Due to blogging on weekly topic is part of my assessment therefore I need to take it and practice blogging every week. The weekly blogging actually help me to gain better understanding on the weekly topic. Student is required to search scholar reading on the particular topic to support the point and it help student to gain extra knowledge from that.

Due to this is the very first time I started to blogging, my followers are all my classmates. We follow each other blog. Their exist make me feel competitive, it’s motivate me to pay more effort on my own blogging and try to be outstanding compare to with others. Each time we finish each other blog, we will drop a comment on their blogging to exchange our opinion, give feedback on how to improve and compliment when they did a great job. Their presence creates a healthy competition for me to produce better work because I knew that there are people following my work and I hope that my work will impress them.

Their comments help me a lot on my next blog post. Through their comments, I know which part I could improve more and make it more attractive to grab people attention and create hype when reading my blog post. Their comments motivate me to do better on each and every blog post because I knew that my blog post will reach mass public. With the help of those comments, I know how to improve myself on the weak area.

Through the weekly blog post, we have chances to read Australia students blog post. I feel is interesting because we are totally in different culture, we learn something different apart from our culture. Besides, it also provides chances for cultural exchange between two different cultures. Sometimes I feel so embarrassed of my own blog while reading Australia student blog, I will have the feeling that the oversea moon is more rounds and all their work is better than mine. When there is Australia student comment or follow on my blog, I feel so stress. I’m afraid that they will critic on my blog. The positive side is their presence makes me feel much more motivated to do great job and impress them Malaysia student could have good work as well.

The social media also help a lot on spreading the publicity of our blog post. With the helping of ‘#bcm240’, no matter students from Malaysia or Australia could read each other blog due to the hashtag provide a means of grouping such messages, since one can search for the hashtag and get the set of messages that contain it. Audience nowadays are all access to social media platform, social media belong to new and in media to reach the potential audience. The use of social media create 5-10 times higher impact than the traditional media therefore all our work need to have a clear reference for credits. A clear referencing could help us prevent any unnecessary misunderstanding and conflict issue. We need to appreciate people hard work.

In conclusion, this is the very first time I blogging to such a big group of followers of my blog. The first time blogging is very fresh and new to me. I would like to thanks the lecturer for giving me this chance to have my first time blogging. Although is quite stressful for me that I have to blogging on weekly topic before due date. When people give good comment on my blog, I feel so motivate and happy that people appreciate my effort. In a nutshell, is quite interesting to have weekly blogging on weekly topic. The blogging provide another platform for me to share my work to mass audience.

Public media screen

Public media screen can be easily found in current day. Public media screen mostly set up at the crowd public space to grab audience attention. To grab audience attention, the tool that advertiser using to target them must be interesting and attractive. Public media screen consider as a new outdoor media to reach target audience. A lot of advertiser use outdoor to reach a broad target audience and send out their promotional message.


Digital advertising by YES telecommunication


Public media screen is easily found near the lift area. While people waiting for lift, they got free time to watch at the screen and receive advertiser message. Public media screen near the lift area could reach a lot of target audience because everyone needs to use lift to reach. The message will keep on repeating to enhance that people will receive message and set as reminder. Instead of starring on the monitor to see when the lift reach, is better to watch at the public media screen to kill time while waiting for the lift.

Public media screen could found at hospital waiting area as well. They will set up one TV at the waiting area for people to watch while waiting for their turn. They will play movie for people to watch. The interesting part that I found is people watching the movie that has no sound. They will mute the sound so that it won’t disturb the patient to rest. The entire movie that plays is mute and no subtitle provided. But people still enjoy watching the movie and they seem like understand what is going on. People might guess the story line through the body language, wardrobe, and scene setting. Although is quite difficult to catch the story but people will able to get understand.

Public media screen is easily found and useful in current digital world. Audiences nowadays love to try new things, innovative idea is very important to reach them and persuade them to consume their product rather than competitors.


Public media screen at LRT station


In my opinion, people pay attention on public media screen with the major purpose of killing time. We feel awkward when we are alone or waiting for people so we tend to do something to kill time and avoid awkwardness from others vision. The other possibility might be the promotional message successful to grab audience attention or people is familiar with the brand therefore they willing to spend time to the message. Sometime people are just enjoying joining the crowd. When a big group of people gather around paying attention with particular object, our curiosity will lead us to the crowd. The crowd will be growing bigger and the numbers of people keep increasing because our mentality is don’t miss any important thing. Although people only use public media screen to kill time, but the message still able to reach. The impact of using public media screen is higher than the traditional media therefore a lot of advertisers use both new and traditional media to reach their target audience to enhance that the promotional message will reach their potential audience.


Mobile phone in public space

I had spent my afternoon at Baci café – Citta Mall observe how people using their mobile phone in public space and took some pictures of them. I realize that people will taking out their phone from their bag or pocket and put it on top the table after they found their seat. After a while they will start searching for the wifi and ask the staff about the wifi password. While waiting for their food to serve, they start to play with their phone. One might take picture with their phone, either selfie, capture the unique display or scene around the café. One might start playing game – Candy Crush is the top based on my observation while another one might on social networking (WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram). Finally, the food is served. If the food display is unique, people will start taking picture of their food before they start eating. This is the new way that how people appreciate their food and upload to Instagram.


Playing Candy Crush while waiting for his food

Using phone while eating is quite common but this situation mostly apply to people who are alone. In my opinion, probably they feel left out when they are alone therefore they spend time with their phone to distract attention. One hand is use for eating while another hand swiping with their phone. Besides, they will also plug in earphone while reading book or multitask with their tablet and phone at the same time.

photo 1

photo 3

Even they come with group; they also entertain themselves with phone. At first, they will start playing with their phone. After a while, they have small talk with each other. They start to engage with their phone again when the conversation end. It is quite funny that the sequence keeps on repeating. In the meantime, they might took picture together, edit or beautify their picture with special effects then upload the picture.

photo 1(1)

Busy with their own phone

photo 2

The guy is busy with his phone and no conversation with the female until she finish her meal.

No doubt, everyone own a smart phone in the digital world that we are living now. Smart phone take part in our life and majority are engage with their phone. Smart phone provide a lot advantages for us and make our life easier. Most of us rely on smart phone in take picture, social media, texting and email, and others performance that smart phone can did for us. We use mobile phone privately in public space. Only the one who engage with the phone know what it happen and the content, the outsider wouldn’t know what really happen. Although I might knew the people is access to Facebook, but what is he/she doing with the Facebook is an unknown for me. I can’t know what they people are listening to when they plug in earphone. If they are listening to music, what language is that? Probably listen to news instead of music or they didn’t play anything – no sound? I wouldn’t know the actual content that they having now, all I know are just the external part. Although we are in public space but we do thing privately.

Copyright ©


My interpretation for copyright – the originator register for the particular product and own the authority. Others who using the product will get sue or fine without getting permission from the originator.

Definition of copyright – the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same.

The media piracy issue (unauthorized copying, distribution and selling of works in copyright) do exist but the audience seem don’t really care about the problem. Previously, the pirated DVD was so HOT (3 for RM10). I believe that there are people who buy pirated DVD to catch the latest movie. Honestly, I used to buy pirated DVD. The most sarcastic part of buying pirated DVD was before play the movie, there are an announcement to advice you don’t buy the pirated DVD (purple disc), buy the original disc (gold disc). Although each time we buy pirated DVD, the public service announcement still there to advice us support original, but most of the time we just ignore. We continue buying pirated DVD. As the current trend for now is illegal download, the pirated DVD is out of trend. People still buying pirated DVD, but most of the gen-y download illegally. There are a lot of website available for people to download movie, drama, song, variety show and other.

Why people buy pirated DVD or download illegally? In my opinion, the main reason is convenience. You can watch anytime you want and repeating watch for free. And, is much more comfortable for us to watch at home, we can pose whatever pose we like. The quality of the movie download is quite clear nowadays, they even have High Definition. That’s why people don’t mind to download the movie rather than went to cinema. When it come to peak time, it’s hard to get a movie ticket. For me, I normally watch blockbuster movie at cinema and download the movie that don’t really have high review or old movie. I download movie because there are too much censorship in cinema, they censor and remove scene and it make the movie not complete (something is lost). For those movie that involve violence (bloody scene), bad word, sex, I will normally download it because it meaningless to watch the movie when the part is censor although is 18+. Is very easy for me to download movie, drama or song. First,I just need to download particular player so that it could able to play the movie file. Next, go to the particular website and choose for your movie to download. Click download and you are done.

Piracy issue influence in entertainment industry. Entertainment industry can’t make profit and cover the cost of production. Some celebrity claim that is tough to stay in entertainment line because of piracy.

#Fandom #Obsess

I actually not a big fan of particular actor/actress/singer/band, as long as their acting or song could attract then I will think they are good. My taste is actually quite broad; I will love anything that I think that is awesome to me.

According to my experience, the band that I prefer the most will be a local Chinese band – ManHanD 慢行 (man xing). The band was form in the year of 2006, but I actually started to know them in the year of 2008 through recommend of my friend. There are total 5 members in a band, MC Bee, MC Toy, Von (female vocalist), Daeren (male vocalist & guitarist) and DJ Point. Their genre focuses on rap, hip hop, rock pop, chill and reggae. My friend was their fan, she brings me along to their tour on promoting their first album and that’s the first time I get know to their band – ManHanD. Before my friend told me about this band, I’m not familiar with them at all. At first, I was doubt with my friend and asking her why are you obsess with them. The reason I ask her is because I don’t really believe that local artist could produce good work.

They sing couples of song during the tour and have some interactions session with their fan. After I went to their tour, I actually fall in love with the band. The lyric was meaningful and impressing, song genre was nice and I just love it. That’s how I start to fall in love with their band and started to follow their news. The song that impress me is 准时收听 (zhun shi shou ting) by ManHanD. I just love that song after the first time I listen live from their tour. I bought their album during their tour and able to get their signature.

I save a copy of their song to my mp3 and repeating play it. I started to follow their Facebook, official website and share information with my friend. If I saw any news from newspaper, I will feel so excited and read the article so detail to make sure that I won’t miss out any information. Every night I will definitely listen to my favorite song – 准时收听 (zhun shi shou ting) before I sleep. If I went to karaoke session, that song is a MUST for me and my friend.

They launched 3 albums and I have a collection of few albums and also collect their merchandise such as t-shirt. Besides, I also join few concerts of them to show respect of artist and support them.


HEY YO Music Video


Second Album – SHOWHAND


Third Album – Life Goes On



Be a media fan actually gain different experience. You will discover a lot of funny thing that a fans will do to get idol attention.

Why space affect our assumption about media effects on audiences

We’re belong in the media world nowadays. We rely so much on media now for multipurpose. There are variety types of media such as print media (books, newspaper, magazine), broadcast (radio, TV) and cyber media (Internet, mobile communication). We expose to those media in our daily life, each of them provide different function to us.

We will have different perception and different behavior to different kind of media that we involve in. Print media such as newspaper, the main purpose for us to read newspaper is to get information. The information could be national or international news, stock, entertainment, sport and more. People buy magazine according to their special interest in particular issue, the magazine that they bought will provide them specific information that audience require. The cyber media such as Internet and mobile communication provide us a platform for us to stay connected with others. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype are the best example for us to stay connect with peers our family members. Furthermore, search engine such as Google help us to research information around the world. More and more advertisers use Internet to target on their potential target audience. We belong in the modern society and there are big amount of us access to Internet, advertise on Internet is a good way for advertiser to reach mass audiences.

The place or space that audience involve in will also affect the choice of media that they will acquire. Example, when we went to Starbuck, other than coffee we are looking for Wi-Fi. We expect place like cafe house, restaurant will provide Wi-Fi for customers when they dine in. Therefore, when audience went there, we will first search for Wi-Fi and request for Wi-Fi password. What about we went to kopitiam ? We knew that those traditional coffee shop might not provide Wi-Fi and we won’t request for Wi-Fi password. In this case, we might borrow newspaper from the coffee shop owner. The place setting influence how we act, we automatically know what to do when we involve in different space.

The way we have conversation with others might be difference when we belong in different space. Example, we could be very talkative people when we have conversation with people through text message. But, when face to face communication, the person can be very shy and quiet. We can see that the space could change someone behavior.